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Ep. 17 Interview with Coach Bria Pittman


Bria Pittman is a wife and mother of two energetic boys. Bria’s own struggles to lose weight inspired her to help other women lose weight and get healthy. At the end of 2011 she hit rock bottom as she realized she was the heaviest she had ever been in her life, weighing in at 236lbs. After joining Weight Watchers in December 2011, she lost almost 80 lbs and kept it off for three years.

In the time it took her to lose the weight, she not only lost weight but gained a wide range of knowledge of what it takes for wives and mothers to lose weight and keep it off. She was determined to share that knowledge with other women who were struggling to find the time and energy for proper nutrition and exercise. Bria started a blog called From Fluff 2 Fit in 2013 to share that knowledge.

Her readers found the blog helpful and began reaching out personally asking Bria to help them with their goals. After doing this for several months Bria realized it was time to officially start offering coaching services. She now takes a grace filled approach to coaching other women. She teaches them to change their habits one day at a time and to have grace for themselves as they work through the process. Her motto for her clients is “Progress Not Perfection.”

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Discipline is a muscle and the way that you build it is you use it more often.” ~Jeff Goins
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