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Ep. 03 Interview with John Platero, CEO of NCCPT


John Platero is the founder and CEO of the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT)which has certified thousands of personal trainers both nationally and internationally.

He has appeared on numerous talk shows and has written articles on personal training and fitness forMuscle & Fitness, Shape Magazine, Muscle Mag, MAX, Oxygen Magazine, Ladies Home Journals, Exercise for Men and Ventana to name just a few. Mr. Platero also authored the N.C.C.P.T.’s basic personal training manual. In 1999, the prolific Platero wrote, produced and was featured in an infomercial,How to Become a Personal Trainer, which aired nationwide on ESPN, Fox Sports, Lifetime, E! Entertainment, MTV, the Learning Channel and VH-1. His first producing foray, How to Be Financially Successful as a Personal Trainer, has helped many personal trainers start their own business. Since then, he has produced and written over 31 fitness videos and hosted other fitness related infomercials such as the AB Revolutionizer which played here in the US and Europe.

Discipline is a muscle and the way that you build it is you use it more often.” ~Jeff Goins
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