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Ep. 21 Interview with Khaled ELMasri


Khaled, a San Luis Obispo native, has been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and Fitness Director for 10 years and has worked with a wide variety of clients with goals ranging from weight loss to body transformation to clients wanting to put on muscle and gain strength. Currently, Khaled is the Regional Fitness Director for the Bay Club Company, located in San Francisco, California.

Khaled’s work as the Founder of the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit as well as a consulting business (RISE Fitness Business Coaching) helps fitness entrepreneurs 1-3 years into their business lay the foundations needed to create a successful business.

Both companies serve to connect fitness professionals worldwide and bringing them together at a world-class venue to educate, motivate and grow. During the past 10 years, Khaled has developed, coached and led more than two hundred personal trainers.

He practices what he preaches, and is a standout member of the Todd Durkin Platinum Mastermind Group where he continues to educate himself to become his personal best in business and life.

Khaled’s mission is to “inspire you, to inspire one, to inspire millions to greatness”, and to help people live a healthier life, he wants to help you achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of getting.

Khaled Masri – Show Notes

What inspired you?

Fitness gave Khaled a sense of belonging, and connecting to something bigger than himself. He played sports in high school and started working with a trainer around that time. He began working behind the desk at a gym and became a trainer himself, relocating to San Francisco to get involved with larger fitness centers. He worked his way up from trainer to Fitness Director to Regional Fitness Director.
“For me, it was the sense of being part of something and helping people. I saw a huge change in my own life and wanted to be able to give that back to others.”

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Khaled always enjoyed knowing that he wasn’t alone in the fitness industry. When he moved to the United States from Lebanon at age 5, he didn’t know the language or have many friends. He says that new clients have similar feelings of not fitting in when they first join a new gym.

“Helping others that go through that as well and now being there for them, is what kept me in this industry for the last 10 years”

 Common mistakes you see business owners making?

Not having systems in place is a common mistake that Khaled sees entrepreneurs making. With the right systems in place, they could eventually step away from their businesses to do other things that help the business grow. As well, not asking for help from others is a mistake that he sees others making.

 What is your process in setting clients (business owners) up?

Khaled has a form that he has potential clients complete, which “deep dives” into their entire business (financial situation, biggest struggles, what motivates them, etc.).
“For me, it’s all about mindset. I want to get in your head and I want to know what’s going on.”
“If I can’t help you, to help yourself, then there’s no coaching in the world I can give you that’s going to help move your business to the next level”

What do you wish you knew when you started that you know now? 

Khaled wishes he knew how to connect with people better on a human level, not just from a selling perspective.
“Who’s this person sitting across from me and how can I best help them?”
As Regional Fitness Director, he is responsible for four clubs and 46 trainers.
“I teach (the trainers) what I know now, so they don’t make the same mistakes I made when I first started”

What’s the biggest mistake you made?

He says that not taking enough risks and stretching beyond his comfort zone was the biggest mistake he has made in the past.
“It wasn’t until I was able to flip fear around and look at failure from another perspective, was I able to grow.”

What challenges do you face now at this higher level?

He says trying to do too much, too soon, is a challenging, as he is a big thinking and tends to be impatient.
“(It’s about) being able to step back and appreciate the journey and where I am right now”
He uses a “90-day time block” with his coaching clients, teaching them to focus on the right things at the right time. Doing this, they can often accomplish more in 90 days than they would have in an entire year.

What do you do to stay current in the industry? 

By hosting his own conference, Khaled puts himself in front of fitness industry professionals. He also networks and talks to industry experts on a frequent basis.
“I want to be the expert in my industry and I’m talking to other experts on how I can get there”
He also talks often with friends in other industries to hear their insights, particularly those in the online/digital space.
“I want to know what’s happening (online). How do we get more members engaged online? How do we create a better experience?”
He says if you can provide people with certainty (results) and connection (to a community), you’ll have clients for life.

Most impactful books?

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” (Susan Jeffers), “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” (Carol Dweck) & “The E-Myth” (Michael Gerber)

What’s your daily routine you use for your own personal health and fitness?

Khaled has shifted his schedule to work out at 6 am every morning, instead of 2 pm. He finds this gives him much more energy throughout the day.
“It’s been the biggest game changer for me”

Upcoming Projects

Khaled is hosting his two-day Nor-Cal Fitness Summit (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”) on October 8th and 9th in San Francisco. He brings in fitness industry experts to talk about business, marketing, sales, programming and more. The goal of this event is to help fitness professionals create the life that they’ve always wanted.

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