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Ep. 52: Transformational Coach, Manny Patrick Vargas

FitPro Industry Podcast Interview with Manny Patrick Vargas
Manny Patrick Vargas is an, author, speaker, coach, host, and former restaurant owner. He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, one half mile east of the world famous strip on the patch of land that is now home to terminal three of McCarran International Airport.

Manny nearly lost his life, twice, before the age of five, once due to a severe asthma attack that left him in the hospital hooked up to respirators and the second time the result of a harrowing car accident that left him unconscious for several days and clinging on for dear life. At six years old, he suffered a broken right arm that left him behind in school and feeling senseless compared to his peers. Adversity has been a consistent companion in his life from the start, and, as if growing up with an absentee mom wasn’t disheartening enough, at ten years old his mother passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer.

In his youth there was a bright spot – baseball. Manny found the sport of baseball offered him a chance to thrive. He was good enough at it to dream big, expecting to make it to the majors one day. He was recruited to play baseball at the University of San Francisco hoping to propel himself into a professional baseball career, but alcoholism and poor decision making ended his college playing days, and life long dream when his desire to party all the time resulted in him being blacked out drunk and missing games.

Now sober and loving life, Manny Patrick Vargas is fast becoming the person he always could have been. We are all a work in progress, but losing almost everything and bouncing back has given Manny the determination to enact big plans. He authored his first book, a chance for him to inspire others by telling his story of overcoming adversity and reinventing himself after leaving his vices behind. He’s already finished his second book project and is planning on having the third book to be complete in less than six months. As a certified social and emotional intelligence coach and speaker, Manny has set out to help as many people reach their dreams as possible. His goal is to help ten million people close the gap on suffering. He firmly believes everyone has a choice when it comes to creating the life they want.

Manny Patrick Vargas – Show Notes

What inspired you to get to this point as a transformational leader and coach?

The events that happened in Manny’s youth were the start of very difficult times in his life, but as recent as only one year ago Manny started his journey of self discovery and to ultimately heal himself.

“I hope to be able to talk about some things that can evoke some sort of emotion and some sort of action plan in other people, because that’s what life is about.”

He shares that he went on a “relentless pursuit” to learn on life and learn about himself. This included where he came from and what his family was like. Investing his education continuously also helped Manny discover who he was and what he’s supposed to be doing.

Did you have help along the way?

Manny has had help from friends and family members supporting him as well as coaches and mentors to be where he is today. He makes it clear he couldn’t have done this alone.

“I realized I did have a problem because my life was becoming unmanageable and I was powerless over the alcohol in any circumstance.”

What challenges have you faced?

Manny has been faced with many challenges, one being recognizing his addiction and changing his lifestyle.

“I’m still faced with those challenges everyday because there is a part of me that still likes to have fun and go out and enjoy myself; the biggest thing was to really learn self control.”

How did you overcome these challenges?

Once he was able to accept he had a problem with alcohol and self-destruction, he was able to start replacing old habits with new ones.

How did you navigate your way through this journey?

Manny showed up at his work for a regular Monday morning meeting, just three days after he decided to change his life. However this Monday morning was different and he looked at the owner of the company he worked for in a whole new light; Manny wanted to be more like him, an accomplished and successful man. This is where Manny started repairing his life simply by starting out with opening his mind and educating himself via TED talks and motivational videos.

“I started to feel like I was becoming a new man. I felt like I was creating a new discipline in my life and because of that my mind was open and it naturally took me on this journey of learning more about myself.”

What is your biggest challenge?

Staying disciplined is Manny’s biggest challenge. Manny has two questions he asks himself in order to stay on track with his goals: “Why am I doing this?” and “Is this something is that getting me closer to my goal?” He says if the activity is not bringing him closer to his goal, then it needs to be reassessed.

What is your greatest success?

“My greatest success is my book.”

Manny’s book is titled “Loss Vegas” and is the most successful thing Manny has accomplished in his life, even above being a professional athlete. He is also very excited to announce he just launched his own podcast, “A Desire to Inspire”

What books have impacted you the most?

He shares that in addition to his own book, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer,
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero have impacted him the most.

Who is your ideal client?

“I work with everybody.”

Manny believes in people no matter what their background, no matter what their issue. His goal is to help people live a fulfilled life, and making themselves their #1 priority.

“I’m a non judgmental human being, I love every person because they are human beings.”


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