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Stacy Show Notes on FitPro Podcast

Ep. 37 Meet Author & Strength Conditioning Coach – Stacy Moutafis

Stacy Moutafis is certified by the International Sports Science Association as a fitness therapist, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and New York State Strength & Conditioning Coach, and author of THE BRIDAL BODY: Your Workout Workbook And Recipes For Success. With nearly two decades of experience, Moutafis works with a wide-range of clients including brides-to-be, fitness competitors, athletes, and those wanting … Continue reading

Author and Certified Nutrition Counselor Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Ep. 36 Meet Author and Wellness Educator, Kathryn Kemp Guylay

From kindergarten classrooms to corporate boardrooms, Kathryn has inspired tens of thousands of individuals to improve their health and happiness. Guylay is constantly admired for her effective and fun wellness education. Never wanting to be perceived as the food police or convey guilt, Kathryn uses positive messages as well as games and activities to bring lessons to life. Kathryn Kemp … Continue reading

Interview Jessica Bailey fit pro

Ep. 35 Meet NYC Fitness Trainer, Jessica Bailey

Jessica Bailey has been an active member of the fitness community in NYC for 15 years. As a certified fitness instructor, she has taught at Physique 57, Exhale Spa, Pure Yoga, Reebok Sports Club, Sports Club/LA, Chelsea Piers, Be Fit NYC and Mercedes Club. As a personal trainer, she has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, tone up and train … Continue reading

Alex Genadinik – Show Notes

Ep. 34 Meet FitPro Marketer, Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik is a successful entrepreneur, software engineer, and a 3-time bestselling Amazon author who helps fitness pros make money by teaching their skills online. Alex Genadinik – Show Notes What is your background? Alex started out being successful in mobile apps and coaching from a YouTube channel. He quickly realized that it is hard to make a profit from … Continue reading

FitPro Industry Interview with Neil Cannon

Ep. 33 Meet Health Coach & Author, Neil Cannon

Neil Cannon is a health coach and the author of a no.1 bestseller, “The Vitality Secret”, and a previous book to help men increase testosterone completely naturally, called “Mojo Multiplier.” Neil stumbled upon his passion in nutrition and fitness in 2011 when figuring out how to solve a health problem for himself. Since then, he has read many books from … Continue reading

FitPro Industry Podcast Interview with Deborah Dubree

Ep. 32 Meet Author and No BS Coach, Deborah Dubree

With only a high school diploma, Deborah grew from answering phones as a receptionist to become the owner and CEO of a $20 million commercial construction company. She learned how to go beyond the expected and succeed. Known for her “No BS” approach, Deborah’s speaking, trainings and coaching methods have attracted national and international audiences and clients. These include top … Continue reading

FitPro Industry Podcast Interview with Jaana Kunitz

Ep. 31 Meet Dance & Fitness Expert, Jaana Kunitz

Jaana Kunitz started her dance journey over 25 years ago, back home in Finland, and made her mark in the Ballroom industry by winning numerous medals in the US, North America and World DanceSport Championships. Jaana is more than a lean, beautiful dancer. She’s an cutting-edge dance fitness innovator too. Jaana has designed, choreographed and directed home fitness exercise programs … Continue reading

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